1. Sittin' Pretty


"Daddy’s in the office bustin’ his ass
Mama raised the kids now she lives off the cash Sister and husband, baby make three
They can’t take the time off in this economy
And I’m sittin’ pretty draggin’ a smoke Oh I’m sittin’ pretty ain’t that a joke
Mad man’s in the white house beggin’ for war
West coast is burnin’ just to settle the score
Hurricane Irma, Jose, and Nate
It won’t take too much water just to flood through the gates
Some people work hard and can’t catch a break Big coal is all gone and all that’s left are the graves If life is like a game then it’s luck of the draw
And you’re only on top cause of others who fall
Johnny’s got a rifle under his desk
He’s tired of being bullied and called teacher’s pet His dad don’t have the time to give to his name
If Johnny looks to start trouble, it’ll all end the same
Quiet are the mornings when I’m at home
Doesn’t happen often, got my show on the road
My trouble in mind won’t let me sleep
Cause my worry like a knife it keeps cuttin’ me deep