1. Brood of Hate
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"Ah the leaves are dry and dying
the air takes on a chill
the shadowed clouds are gathering now upon that hallowed hill
the specter of the working man’s savior is a bold and a boisterous lie
and everyone wants to be Jesus Christ but nobody wants to die
don’t you ever trust an oil man
he wears a suit and tie
an oil man will destroy your land and he’ll drink your blood like wine
and the brood of hate has sprouted wings
they take their wicked flight
they shine their claws and they sharpen their jaws the scapegoat dies tonight
their’s a monster in the white house and he’s doing his very best
to bonify his bankroll
and to hide his hollow breast
three hundred million prisoners from sea to shining sea
the devil hides in a child’s eyes and he has your sympathy"