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Previous events

Date Event Location
Come On In House Concerts Fort Collins, CO Fort Collins, CO
Gold Hill Inn Gold Hill, CO Gold Hill, CO
The Animas Theater with Stillhouse Junkies Durango, CO Durango, CO
Jane's Hideaway Nashville, TN Nashville, TN
House Concert in Iowa City Iowa City, IA Iowa City, IA
Aendre with the Ian George Trio Ferryville, WI Ferryville, WI
Trempealeau Hotel Trempeauleau, WI Trempeauleau, WI
House Concert in the Twin Cities! Minneapolis, Minnesota Minneapolis, Minnesota
Appleton Beer Factory Appleton, WI Appleton, WI
Semans Violins Chicago, IL / Skokie, IL Chicago, IL / Skokie, IL
The Hunky Dory Eau Claire, WI Eau Claire, WI
Stoughton Opera House with Chicken Wire Empire Stoughton, WI Stoughton, WI
Nashville North Milwaukee, WI Milwaukee, WI
Braumart Theater with Chicken Wire Empire Iron Mountain, MI Iron Mountain, MI
Ore Dock Brewing Co. with Chicken Wire Empire Marquette, MI Marquette, MI
 —  — IBMA Official Showcase Raleigh, NC Raleigh, NC
Pinhoti Fest Sylacauga, AL Sylacauga, AL
Finster Fest Sumerville, GA Sumerville, GA
The Woodshop with The Yellow Dandies Chattanooga, TN Chattanooga, TN
Cedar Mountain Canteen (Tune Hash) Cedar Mountain, NC Cedar Mountain, NC